The Beginning and Growth

The establishment of the central bank of Burundi is not easy but it has made its way through a series of events and activities. There are many things that had happened before it reaches the time of its establishment in the year of 1966. As the country has been under the control of its conqueror so the economic and financial status and also the system is not that much established and it has undergone some steps before it was established and was built to be the central bank.

In the year of 1887, they had the franc as their official money in circulation. But because the one who controls the country has changed hands so also the currency was replaced. The currency was replaced from the francs to the rupie in the East African classification. It does not stop there as the country did not stop to be involved in the ongoing war. The events that took place finally has open for the establishment of the official establishment of the museum.

Since the bank was established it made efforts so that it could fulfill its mission to be the one who can help not just for the rich people who have money but also poor people who have to be given opportunities. That is why after years of being on the mission to function as a bank it also came to the point of joining the effort of helping the poor. The central bank of Burundi is now being ready to do the mission.