10 Secrets To Nabbing Younger Women – And Keeping Them Interested!


“Keep younger women interested in you”

 A lack of social life, lack of time or a busy lifestyle are leading a lot of older men to seek someone who can give them a guide to dating younger women. If you’re hoping to date someone half your age, there certainly is a generation gap you might want to address. Dating someone closer to your age bracket may not require that kind of adjustment. Nevertheless, if you have met a young woman you’re attracted to or want to date younger women, it’s important to be at the top of your game. You can follow this guide on dating younger women and learn how to be a good sugar daddy by visiting meet-younger-women.com. Here are some tips you might want to consider:


“Money act as a major attraction for young women”

1. Money

– If you want to date younger women, make sure you should have this essential pre-requisite. If you have the resources, it’s easier to impress the ladies and having it always makes you look sexy. Why? It means you can support a family. If you have established yourself financially, it also means that you are capable of other responsibilities. If you don’t have a lot of moolah stashed somewhere make sure your pension can more than make up for it, should you want to be dangling some eye candy later on. Third world countries with a lot of young pretty girls can be an option for those in the West whose checks can barely make ends meet. That way, you get a win-win situation: You get a girl who will take care of you in your twilight years while what you receive from the government will be more than enough to support you and your new family later on.


“Stay healthy”

2. Health

– It goes without saying that you got to be healthy if you want women to even look at you. And let’s face it, no one want to date someone who is sick. It’s downright revolting. A healthy body can also ensure that you will be able to complement your girlfriend’s energy. The young have a particular energy that is still on the rise. It is hopeful, vibrant and playful. It is full of life and it spells fun and play. Young women in particular have this kind of energy in abundance and it is what contributes to their attractiveness. If you don’t find yourself healthy, you may not be able to catch up with these young kittens as they gambol and play, leaving you alone as you catch your breath feeling that stitch on your side. (You used to have that energy before until you forgot to take care of yourself.) If you can’t catch up with them, what makes you think they will even bother to consider you?

3. Social status

– Although not an essential ingredient; social status is actually a cue that you have masculine traits. It opens doors in the same way great looks can. A woman’s mating decisions can be affected in part on how hooking up with you will improve her social status. Deep down, there is this unconscious interest to improve her chances of survival. If you have something to offer her in this department, you may find that many young women will actually want date you.

4. A Sense of humor

– A bore is a total turn off and who wants to hang out with boring old farts? Young women aren’t that difficult to please and they surely appreciate a guy who can lighten up things. It’s also the best way to build rapport which can also then develop to a solid relationship. Humor bridges the age gap more quickly than anything else and a smile can make you a lot younger – much younger than your crusty, cranky self.

5. Passion

– Passionate people are interesting especially if they can express it in a clear manner. Ever wonder why musicians always get to date hot women even if they happen to be aging rockers? Think Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart. These guys are totally way over their 60’s and still rocking to the tune of their own beats, children and young girlfriends in tow. They have a drive and purpose and they know what they want. The confidence they exude is attractive. They care with intensity and you can see that they get fulfillment from what they do.


“Take care of your appearance”

6. Appearance

- You don’t need to look like Robert Redford or have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. You do have to take care of your appearance. Women’s preference will differ and there are no clear cut looks that women universally desire. Nevertheless, if you take the time to look nice and give a good impression, you would look presentable enough to show off at parties instead of looking like an old tramp soon to join the retirement home. Your girlfriend will certainly be proud to show you off to her friends and that’s a good sign.

7. Be a Gentleman

– Do mind your manners when dating even if you’ve been itching to get into your girlfriend’s pants. If you make the move too early it practically shouts P-E-R-V-E-R-T! You wouldn’t want a reputation of being a dirty old man. They conjure a picture of someone who’s trying his best to look young, ogling at the passing young ladies. They sit by the roadside making cat calls every 15 minutes. The ladies quickly scramble away for fear of being mistaken for prostitutes.

8. Confidence

– Confidence is a belief in one’s worth and capacity even in the face of people who demean you. Many people mistake this for a lack of respect for others and selfishness. It is about knowing that you have the capacity to deal with the task at hand. A confident person doesn’t let his partner walk over him or expect to be a substitute parent. This kind of confidence is very appealing and is considered a universally attractive trait. Younger women are naturally attracted to men who exude this kind of confidence and this is exactly the trait that your younger rivals will be lacking.

9. Respect

– A lack of respect for women is like a big sign over your head that says PIG. If you’re the kind who dismisses women as playthings, bimbos who can’t make heads or tails over a rat’s ass, I suggest you park that attitude at the door. Young women may at times be gullible and even downright naïve but there is a certain tolerance level that not even money can salve over. Disrespectful behavior doesn’t add to your appeal even if you happen to have a million dollars. This sense of entitlement won’t endear you to the ladies and it certainly won’t endear you to young women who know their worth. You know – the kind worth dating.

10. Intellectual curiosity

– Ok, so you don’t have to be an MIT graduate, but women actually like a guy with brains. Have you ever wondered why college professors can actually give a lot of young hearts swooning over a lecture on Sartre? Yep, men with brains who share their love for learning tend to get a certain following from young impressionable minds. These men take an active role in seeking new experiences and sharing. And oh, they love to give discourses on the meaning of life. You don’t necessarily have to have to get pedantic every time. Young women hate condescending lectures. However, they are attracted to someone who can deconstruct complicated things and translate it to something they can chew upon. Be someone who is like an older friend they can run to for help. The roadside assistance you give will certainly have its own payback.

Tea and Other Natural Weight-Loss Solutions

Looking at the best fat burner supplements, you’ll notice one thing that they all have in common – they all boast that they have natural, organic ingredients. You can start losing weight by taking one of these fat burner supplements. Read the Reviews of the Best Fat Burners: 25 Most Popular Products Tested and based on these fat burner reviews, you can choose your favorite.
Adding these into your diet will just boost your results, so there are no downsides.

You can also go for the natural ways of losing weight. Instead of fighting your weight loss journey with foods that don’t benefit you, check out any of these natural and easy to obtain foods and drinks that will give you the results you need at a fraction of the price.


“Tea is an excellent drink that can help you lose weight”

“Tea is an excellent drink that can help you lose weight”

Black, green, herbal, and white – every Tea has its own great properties that do wonders for shedding pounds quickly. Black tea will give you all the energy you need for the day without the negative effects and eventual crash that coffee causes, so starting your morning with a nice cup of black tea sweetened with agave nectar or honey is a must.

Green tea is full of antioxidants that will jumpstart your metabolism and get you in the fast lane for weight loss, as well as being easy to obtain hot or iced at many locations. This kind has skyrocketed in popularity with the recent weight loss movement, and it’s no wonder why – it’s been keeping people healthy for centuries.

If you like your teas to have a lot of flavor, then herbal teas are right up your alley. Herbal teas have the most variety and a bevy of wonderful properties, so your only concern is choosing a favorite. The flavors range from rose hip to chai, and everything in between. There are even teas that mimic hot chocolate and teas made from soothing chamomile flowers, so you’ll never get bored of all your options.

Even the best fat burner supplements can’t compare to a nice, hot cup of white tea. Made from only the newest tealeaves, this kind of tea has a very mild flavor and is packed with antioxidants. Brewing tea instead of coffee at all times of the day will give you immediate results and is sure to cleanse your body and make you feel amazing. Be sure to get loose leaf teas over bag teas whenever you can, because the properties are much more effective that way. Skip the sugar, too – honey and agave nectar are natural sweeteners that make it taste just as good, if not better.


“Eat avocados in everyday dishes”

“Eat avocados in everyday dishes”

Another edible that’s on a rapid rise in popularity is the avocado. Most commonly seen in guacamole, plain, sliced avocado is becoming more and more common in everyday dishes. The color is pleasing enough, and the taste is fantastic, which is uncommon for a food that has so many benefits. It’s a safe way to consume the fats that your body needs to survive, and it can be applied to just about any meal. Slice it up in a salad to create a great southwest feel to your meal, mash it into guacamole and enjoy it as a dip, or cube it and include it as a topping for any burger or wrap. Season it with a little lime juice to really make the flavor pop.

Avocado is a must-have for any get-together, as it’s sure to impress. If you’re trying to figure out if an avocado is ripe, just press on it. An avocado that’s tender to the touch is ripe, while a firm one isn’t all the way there yet.


“Eat nuts to boost your weight loss”

“Eat nuts to boost your weight loss”

Nuts are a MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid), and are crucial if you want to boost your weight loss. Anything with “fatty” in the description might sound like something you’d want to avoid, but that isn’t the case at all. Almonds in particular help prevent blood sugar from spiking, as well as filling you up so that you don’t binge on snacks in between meals. Even the smallest grocery stores offer many kinds of almonds, ranging from raw to flavored. Pick your favorites, but be wary of chocolate covered or sugared almonds, as the sugar content isn’t good for any diet.

Keep almonds on hand at all times so you can pop a few in your mouth whenever you feel hungry. Couple that with a glass of ice-cold water and you’ll conquer any craving. Almonds can also be put on top of almost any meal, so they’re great to have on the table. Sprinkle crushed almonds onto a salad or a roast chicken to really bring out the flavor and wow anyone you serve.

A quick reminder, though.Peanuts are legumes and not nuts, and should be avoided for any weight loss programs. If you want something nutty to put on your sandwich, try almond or cashew butter instead. It’s a much healthier alternative, and tastes just as good.


“Red pepper flakes helps to burn fat”

“Red pepper flakes helps to burn fat”

If you want a one-way ticket to losing a ton of weight, then get ready to feel the burn. Putting hot red pepper flakes into your food help you stay full for longer and promotes fat burning. Add it to your popcorn, salad, or anything else for a kick that’ll satisfy you every time. Hot peppers can also do the trick, but be careful. Getting canned peppers means that they’ve been pickled, which takes away all their nutritional benefits. So, sadly those ghost peppers won’t help you out any, no matter how much you like them.

Slice up some jalapenos into your next salsa or salad and watch the magic begin. You might tear up a bit, but it’ll clear your sinuses as well as give you a great endorphin rush. Endorphins are the chemical that’s released when you work out, and will get you motivated for a day of activity and the actual workout later at the gym.

If you don’t have any tolerance for spices, it’s okay. This next one is sure to please even the pickiest eaters.


“Dark chocolate is a perfect addition to your diet plan”

“Dark chocolate is a perfect addition to your diet plan”

That’s right, we put chocolate on this list. You probably think that chocolate is ridiculously unhealthy, but the benefits outweigh those in even the best fat burner supplements. Not only is it guaranteed to calm you down; chocolate has the perfect trinity of diet support. The caffeine will stimulate you to get up and moving, the sugar will give you the energy to do it, and the chemicals in dark chocolate will help boost the blood flow throughout your body.

Obviously, a Hershey bar isn’t going to give you the benefits that we’re talking about from chocolate. Dark chocolate has become increasingly popular, and this is what you should go after if you want to lose weight fast. Pick some up at your local grocery store and enjoy it in moderation as a snack or a dessert after your dinner. Be sure to get a dark chocolate that is over 80 percent dark to experience the best benefits possible. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how much energy it gives you, and you can completely toss out the coffee.

Pair this with a great tea and a few almonds and you’ll be ready to work up a sweat at the gym in no time, and you’ll have done it in a perfectly safe and healthy way.

Why I Hate AVN: 7 Things I Would Change About The Vegas Conference

“Things to change at AVN conference”

“Things to change at AVN conference”

The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is by far the world’s most prominent conference dedicated to adult entertainment. The conference is known very well for all sorts of stuff like exhibits dedicated to new websites, films, products and other things in the adult entertainment industry. The AVN Awards also take place during the festival. The fact that it’s all held in the amazing city of Las Vegas and features a large variety of the world’s hottest and most popular porn stars sure helps its case just as well.

However, this is not to say that the AVN expo is without its flaws. Like any place that has live cam reviews, an objective look must be used when taking a peek at what goes on around this place. There are a number of things that need to be corrected in order to make this festival better and more enjoyable.

Improve the Lair

One problem about the AVN is that the Lair attraction is not necessarily as interesting as it should be. Although it has a load of different BDSM celebrities performing all sorts of different stunts and activities, the problem with this place is that it is not all that varied in terms of what’s around. It seems like the people who perform at this part of the conference tend to avoid some experimentation in this area. It would be nice if the Lair was open to more experimental activities instead of just being a place for BDSM stuff.

The Lair should also be extended to include additional meeting space so more people can see what is around. The area tends to be relatively cramped throughout the expo. It would certainly be easier to get out here if there were more things of interest. It might be a challenge to get into but it is something that has to be checked just to see what is around. The things that are covered on this site might prove to be appealing if they are useful and actually watchable for whatever it around and available for use here.

Extend the Entertainment Schedule By a Bit

“People would appreciate if it lasted a little longer”

“People would appreciate if it lasted a little longer”

If Las Vegas is a place where there’s something to do at any time of the day then why is the schedule of events so limited? The program is only upon until the early hours of the evening each day and the same can be said for the schedule of events including performances, exhibitions and screenings. It would be nice if there was a way to extend the schedule to go up to about ten or eleven at night. In fact, this might be a good time when you consider how there are so many people who will be out at night looking for some hot people to watch.

The entertainment schedule needs to be checked carefully if only to see how well something might be open. The problem with trying to entertain people is that it’s tough to get out here.

Where Can New Exhibitors Come From?

“Let the new blood enter into the business”

“Let the new blood enter into the business”

It seems as though the same exhibitors come out to the area every single year. While these exhibitors are very interesting and attractive, they tend to be the same ones over and over. This is not to say that they are bad exhibitors. The fact is that places like Hustler Hollywood, Adam and Eve, Tool Shed Toys and Condom World know how to bring out loads of new products every single year. Their exhibition tables are always filled with good stuff. However, there needs to be some added kind of variety and some new faces to go along with the familiar faces that people already see around here. It might even help to see if there are more live cam sites out here so people can get more live cam reviews to watch. One can read cams.com review to know more about the website. We did Cams.com Site Review – Why We Like This Site? Because we found out that cams.com is not a scam site.

Make the Parties More Affordable for All

The Fan Fest part of the expo is great in that it offers plenty of interesting activities for the fans to get into. However, it is relatively tough to get into some of these activities over time. The problem is that many of them are extremely expensive and difficult to get into. This is especially the case for places like Body English, the Joint and Sapphire. While the parties out here are amazing and entertaining, there is a need to think about possibly cutting down on the cost of having to get into these events. It is a good point that needs to be factored into trying to make the show a little more entertaining.

What About the Fetishes?

“New fetishes must be introduced”

“New fetishes must be introduced”

The fetishes that are used in the festival need to be a little more varied. The big issue with many of these fetishes at the expo is that they are the same things that people often like to watch. There’s a real need to think about ways to get into new fetishes to make things more appealing. This must be done well to make the festival more attractive and might even give people new ideas for what to see in live cam reviews or other things relating to a large variety of different products of use in the industry.

The big issue that comes with fetishes is that they tend to be very difficult to get into. There needs to be a way to bring in additional fetishes into the expo or to at least help get new people into these activities if they are to be included at the expo. These fetishes are not just things that anyone can get into because they are so complicated and detailed in terms of what is around.

How much is Also Available for Sale?

The next idea would be to try and get more items to be available for sale while at the expo. While the displays of all sorts of new products are interesting, there is a need to be aware of how different kinds of items might be available right now. It could make the festival more appealing if some of these products were available for sale right then and there. These products should be on sale soon but it would be great to bring them out right now if they were for sale. These should be seen just to get an idea of what’s open.

It would be great to see how different kinds of products might be open. These must be seen well just to get something to be more entertaining and fascinating.

Extending the Events Always Helps

It might also help to see if there’s a way to extend some of the events into different locations. While the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has been a good host for the event, there are far too many events around this area that make it to the point where it might be a challenge to get everything organized. A good recommendation would be to consider having some events at a few of the surrounding areas around the casino. If there was a way to see if the Tropicana or MGM Grand could host a few of the events then it would be ideal. The fact that those two places are practically down the road from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino also adds to the value of this potential partnership.

The AVN expo is great but it still needs to improve in order to take itself to the next level. It will be important for the festival to consider expanding itself over time to make it more interesting and viable for people to spot.

Best Forms for Info Product Creation


“Choose different forms for your information product”

Information products come in all kinds of different forms, and they can be used in any business. You may decide you want to specialize in one particular form or you may want to include a wide variety. It’s up to you. According to “The Information Marketer’s Guide,” information marketing is one of the more flexible and creative options for marketing and platform building. Here are some of the best forms in establishing your brand.



“A great way to promote your product”

When it comes to classic information products, the blog is one of the top contenders. It’s little wonder. According to Hubspot 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Port, more than 43 percent of marketers generated one customer from a single blog post. Approximately 55 percent of all time spent in marketing budgets is on blogging, and over 79 percent of businesses report that having a blog has resulted in a positive rate of return on their investments. Daily bloggers see significantly more customers provided they give high quality content as opposed to those who merely provide monthly posts.
Most of the time, the blog itself serves as a conduit transforming readers into actual customers. The actual info product is something sold on the site hosting the blog rather than the blog itself. Yet a growing number of businesses have started offering access to exclusive blogs. Similar to membership websites, exclusive blogs contain information that only the select paying members can access. The American Writers’ and Illustrators’ Association offers one of their most popular and valuable blogs to Circle of Success members. In this way, info product creation can start with the blog page. It can also be leveraged into a number of different forms, often serving as that initial product.



“People are more inclined to see informational videos”

The popularity of videos has also increased substantially. Social media users are significantly more likely to share a video than they are an article. Of course, the key to getting a video shared is to make sure that it provides value or that it’s hysterical. Humorous videos are the most likely to go viral as opposed to pure informational videos. Yet when people find a video that explains how to do something or solve a problem, it’s still more likely to get shared a general article.
Putting videos on YouTube is an excellent method for sharing information content because currently it provides more access to the millennial market, including the 18 to 34 year olds than any other television or video market. In some cases, the video may serve as a promo for another information product, while in others the video itself might be the information product. People are just as likely to go on to YouTube now to try to find an applicable video as they are to Google the search term. Providing a high quality video makes a tremendous difference. According to “2013 Social plus Mobile Statistics,” over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day.

White Papers and Special Reports

In the latest series of updates, the Google search engine algorithms provided a shift and prioritization. Websites that now include white papers, special reports, and eBooks are considered to have potentially more authority than those that do not. White papers and special reports form a rather unique subsection of info product creation. They carry with them an added sense of authority that many of the other forms do not. White papers and special reports typically have a more scientific and objective base. Their purpose is not to sell, but to inform.

Know more about information product’s promotion secrets here info-product-secrets.net/promotion-tips/give-people-a-sneak-peek/. So, start with your info product creation but keep this in mind that when developing an information product, it can be quite beneficial to offer a white paper special report that offers details about the product itself. Most of the time that document explains the research behind it and why it is the solution to the problems. Most of the time, white papers should be distributed for free since they serve a different form of advertising. Special reports, on the other hand, can sometimes be sold.

Free eBooks


“People love to get free stuff”

Another one of the classic info product creations is the free eBook. Hundreds of new eBooks are released every day. Readers and browsers tend to see them as having significantly more value than blog post even when the content of the eBook significantly mirrors the information posted on the blog. Additionally, releasing a free eBook is a great way to establish your professionalism as well as to draw potential new customers.
When using this technique, however, make sure that your business actually engages in unique info product creation. A number of websites try to use the same few dozen free eBooks that pertain to their niche over and over again. These are the eBooks that you can purchase resale rights for off eBay and other auction sites. As a result, these rather low-quality eBooks can be found for free just about anywhere. Instead of boosting your customer base and creating a higher perceived value for your marketing brand, they make your business look less valuable and significantly less original. And eBook does not have to be that long. It should be longer than a special report, and so, as a good rule of thumb, try to not publish an eBook that is less than 25 pages. When you add in graphics as well as a table of contents and bumped the fault up to a size 14 Times New Romans or Arial, you can easily publish an eBook that offers legitimate value to your customers with less than 5000 words.

Print Books and eBooks

Probably one of the oldest forms for info product creation is the print book. Selling books, whether printed or electronic, has formed the basis for numerous information product companies. Printed books, on the whole, are perceived as having a higher information value then eBooks. To help counter this when you sell primarily eBooks, you can offer both the print version of your book and an eBook version. With the two versions offered, people can then decide, and they generally see the eBook is having more value. With increased self-publishing options, anyone can put together a professional looking book and release it to the public as part of their information marketing campaign.

Online Courses


“One of the fastest growing markets that you can target is on the Internet”

One of the newer forms in the info product creation community is the online learning course. With online courses, you can put together a series of lessons and instructional activities on just about any topic. Whether you choose to charge for this service depends on your goal. Some information marketers offer the courses for free on sites like Siminars that allow them to do so. Others choose to offer their courses for a fee. Both of these methods can result in professional product platforms that return fantastic results. The key is to make sure that you don’t put out shoddy material as it is with any aspect of profitable information marketing.

Often times, online courses work well with podcasts and videos. You may find that you already have enough information to put together a strong online course simply by reviewing the information products you’ve already created. Putting together a syllabus and the recommended activities will take time, but with the bulk of the information already created, you may have an online course mostly completed.

Top 10 Online Dating Books Reviewed

“School is back in session, start reading”

“School is back in session, start reading”

Online dating has been a global phenomenon as more and more people are deciding to go online and log on to top dating sites every day to find love. With this revolution in the dating landscape grows a greater and better understanding of the nostalgia by mature single women. As such, several dating books are published and designed to guide internet browsing with ease, confidence, and a sense of adventure in effectively meeting a special mate. Worries about the desirability and the availability of fine men are addressed as well as the safety and security while browsing top dating sites in the internet. Whether you are single at age 50 or single again after a 25-year marriage, there is a book for you as there is a guide book exactly for everyone.

Top Ten Books on Online Dating

“Start reading again and learn more about online dating”

“Start reading again and learn more about online dating”

1. Facebook Dating Secrets: For Men and Women

– The book by Healthy Relationship Initiative was published on April 24, 2010. It provides its readers new opportunities that lead to finding a perfect partner as it teaches how to move from friendship to love. It reveals major techniques for a successful Facebook dating as follows:

Creation of a killer profile
Profile interpretation
Understanding the thoughts
Establishing an online contact
Creating attraction
Use of intriguing words
Knowledge on seductive interactions
Building emotional connections

2. The “Cosmopolitan” Guide to Online Dating: A Practical Guide for Dating Divas

– The book by Georgia Barlow was published on July 25, 2009. It speaks of the widespread use of online dating with ladies and dating divas and a practical guide packed with tricks, tips, and techniques for cool girls. It is entertaining and informative as it teaches readers on how to have fun, avoid the weird ones, and bag the right man. In addition, readers will learn the techniques on the following aspects:
Give good email
The dos and don’ts of profile writing
Decoding photos
Enjoying Facebook flirting
Choosing the right sites
Dating tips

3. I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating

– The book by Evan Marc Katz released on November 18, 2003 speaks of optimism on internet dating and benefiting from it by practical advices in a funny and insightful manner. This includes:
Right selection of dating web site
Writing eye-catching profiles
Striking up email conversation
Turning first date into more dates

4. Fine, I’ll go Online!: The Hollywood Publicist’s Guide to Successful Internet Dating

– The book by Leslie Oren was released on November 13, 2007. It contains fun and informative tricks of the author’s trade as a Hollywood publicist for creating an image to its marketing. It aims to assist readers in the navigation through the dating websites. Tips on successful image creation include:
Writing a perfect online profile
Posting a photo
Things to avoid in an email
First date
Signals of online dating success

5. The Rules for Online Dating: Capturing the heart of Mr. Right in Cyberspace

– This book by Ellen Fein released on July 30, 2002 teaches women of all ages and status the use of electronic communication in relating to men. It aims to lead towards a serious relationship based on mutual interest and attraction while maintaining self-respect.

6. Online Dating for Dummies

– This book by Judith Silverstein is published on November 21, 2003 stating that meeting people through the internet is not just for the socially unskilled. It is a fun reference that renders straight scoop among many more on the following:
Gearing up with the right computer hardware
Overcoming anxieties with online people
Getting versed with the online language
Enjoying chat room conversations
Establishing identity on the site
Identifying frauds and players

7. The Ultimate Man’s Guide to Internet Dating: The premier men’s resource for finding, attracting, meeting and dating women online

– This book by Howard Brian Edgar was published on January 15, 2003. It embodies tested and tried methods for successful men on sexual and romantic relationship with women online.

8. Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love

– This book by Diana Kirschner published on February 8, 2010 talks about the possibility of finding true love in 90 days. The revolutionary love book is loaded with checklists, and assignments with simple instructions for every reader that serve as a guide for effective dating.

9. The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Online Dating

– This book by Linda J. Maynard was published on September 1, 2006 and is among the few books written by an online dater. Doused with rumor and positive advice, readers in the unfamiliar field of online dating are given better choices as self-esteem is encouraged.

10. Cyberspace Romance: The Psychology of Online Relationships

– This book by Monica T. Whitty was published on June 13, 2006 and focuses on understanding cyber flirting better.

Top 10 Best Dating Books

“Best dating books for the ones who need it the most”

“Best dating books for the ones who need it the most”

1. 300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask Before Marriage – Shannon L. Alder
2. 300 Questions LDS Couples Should for a more Vibrant Marriage – Shannon L. Alder
3. Stop getting Dumped – Lisa Daily
4. Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl – A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship – Sherry Argov
5. Date or Soul Mate? How To Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less – Neil Clark Warren
6. Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School – Rachel Greenwald
7. Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship –John Gray
8. Dateable: Are You? Are They? – Justin Lookadoo
9. 10 Commandments of Dating – Sam Adams
10. 300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It’s Too Late – Shannon L. Alder

Top 10 Dating and Relationship Advice Books for Christian Teens

Conflicting messages in the dating world today can mislead teenagers without the guide on wisdom, principles of the bible, and focus on God. Living up to the high Christian standard is can be made possible through the following dating books:

1. When God Writes Your Love Story: The Ultimate Approach to Guy/Girl Relationship
2. When Dreams Come True: A Love Story Only God Could Write
3. I Kissed Dating Goodbye
4. Boy Meets Girl: Say hello to Courtship
5. I Gave dating a Chance: A Biblical Perspective to Balance the Extremes
6. Don’t Date naked
7. Every Teenager’s Little Black Book on Sex and dating
8. Teen Love: A Journal on Relationships
9. Forget Me Not: A Youth Devotional on Love and Dating
10. 10 Commandments of Dating: Student Edition

“Newbie daters can learn a lot from books”

“Newbie daters can learn a lot from books”

The stigma associated with online dating no longer exists. So, go ahead and choose from the best online dating sites, some of which are mentioned here: http://topdatingsitesguide.com/best-sites/. These legit online dating sites would act as a stepping stone for young inexperienced daters. Although, awkward encounters have quickly disappeared as most online daters have become successful in their ventures. In fact, it is growing at a fast rate as other forms of connection fall off. It may be far from perfect but it has been the most effective in meeting people and finding true love. Find your perfect book now and overcome your anxieties as you take the plunge to online dating adventures through the top dating sites. Advertise yourself and navigate through a cyber – courtship with ease and confidence. Brave the online dating world with information and assurance. Experience compatibility defined, chemistry created, and commitment closing in. Before you know it, you will find romance by your side and eventually a second chance for love and marriage.

Essential Elements in an Effective Sales Letter for Your eLearning Platform

“Make a perfect sales pitch”

“Make a perfect sales pitch”

Whether you’re using an online sales letter, a squeeze page, or a direct mail approach, you have to make sure that you craft your sales pitch in the most persuasive manner possible. Online learning courses do not face the same level of competition as some of the other niches on the Internet, but you’re still bidding for your reader’s time. You have to convince your reader that the course you’re offering is worth his while and his investment.
While you can purchase programs that will provide templates for these sorts of letters and pages, you must always make sure that you customize them. Only through customization can your course really shine. Another thing to keep in mind is the choice of eLearning platforms. Find the best elearning platforms at bestelearningplatforms.com. These eLearning software & tools can help you create a perfect online course.
Here are some of the essential elements of your sales letter and key steps to make sure that they make your course look as appealing as possible.


The headline cannot be underestimated. Through the headline, you capture your potential customers’ interest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling eLearning software, eLearning tools, or information products in general, the headline must grip your readers attention. To accomplish this, keep the headline to approximately one line. Use active voice, and choose a single image and emotion to capture in that headline. You don’t want to create any confusion.
You might be tempted to use just the title of your eLearning platform or course. Don’t do that. Unless you have an incredibly catchy course title, your customers will probably pass on by. Even if you do have a catchy course title, the course title will not necessarily capture the customer’s interest the way you need to. Headlines do not tell you exactly what’s on sale. They tell you that there’s something that you need to know about, and then you find out about what’s for sale.


The title of your course as will be as the information about the eLearning platforms is information best kept out of the headline. But within the introduction, you do want to introduce the title of your course. Make sure that title is one that stands out. Avoid generic and boring sounding titles like the ones that take you back to high school and college classes. A good eLearning course title will be descriptive but brief. You should make sure that your customers know exactly what the course is about just by looking at the title. Or, at the very least, have a good idea about what the course includes.
It’s all right if your course title leaves your potential customers with some questions. You don’t want to solve everything for them. But the title should do its part in making them want to know more. A bland or vague title does not carry its weight. In a sales letter or squeeze page, you don’t have time for that. Make it do its share of the work, and come up with something catchy.

Summary of Benefits

“Show your customer the benefits”

“Show your customer the benefits”

Obviously, summarizing the benefits is one of the biggest parts of your sales letter or squeeze page. When you sell benefits, you get responses. But you can’t just list them out in bullet points. You have to draw your readers in and show them how they need the solution that you have and the way that your course will benefit them.
You can accomplish this in a number of ways. No matter which method you choose, just make sure that you keep the writing tight and strong. Remember that narratives work very well. According to “Bright Light Marketing,” people like to hear stories because it makes them feel connected. Incorporating true stories that demonstrate either the need for the eLearning tools you’re providing or the importance of getting involved with online programs on an eLearning platform can go a long way in capturing their interest.
According to “Copywriting Masters 2.0,” the best way to summarize and sell the benefits of your course is to tell a story that puts the reader in that ideal person’s shoes. Focus on creating positive emotions and feelings rather than negative ones. Weave the summary of benefits of your online course so that it doesn’t sound like your selling eLearning software, eLearning tools, or information products. Instead, you’re offering potential customers the chance to gain valuable information, change their lives, make the changes they’ve wanted, and so much more.

Call to Action

“Know the importance of having call to action”

“Know the importance of having call to action”

The call to action and the response device are often mistaken for one another. Both serve separate functions. The call to action is intended to make the reader take action. No matter what you post or share, you should always make sure that you include a call to action of some kind. In a squeeze page for your eLearning platform, the most popular calls to action are for the reader to sign up, to receive more information or to make a purchase.
Whatever you do, make sure that you only have one call to action. Having more than one call to action reduces your effectiveness significantly. In fact, it can actually keep your reader from taking any action at all. Because of the formatting of a squeeze page, the focus is on keeping the reader engaged in that moment. After you have listed the benefits of the eLearning software and eLearning tools and wove them into the narrative, you’re poised to convince the reader that he wants to become a customer. Don’t ruin the flow by adding multiple choices.

Response Device

“It makes it easier for the clients, thus conversions are more likely”

“It makes it easier for the clients, thus conversions are more likely”

The response device often gets passed over because business owners think it’s redundant. According to Circle of Success, the response device is one of the most critical components of an effective marketing or squeeze page. Through the response device, you finally convince the reader that any of his misgivings or concerns is all unwarranted. The response device gives the reader that final push, converting him into a paying customer.
Often times, it can be combined with the call to action. Some businesses choose to use the layered call to action with the response device. This method involves giving the initial call to action and then saying something along the lines of “but wait…” before transitioning into the response device. The response device then summarizes the benefits very briefly, putting the experience in first person so that the reader reads it as if he is experiencing it himself. Then the call to action is placed again. This sort of sales technique can be quite effective. Make sure to highlight any bonus materials or special offers that you may be making as well.

Checkout or Signup

Depending on the one call to action that you select, make sure that you have an easy to use checkout or signup page. It’s worth it to invest in a program that allows you to have a one stop checkout and a two step sign up. One stop checkouts have significantly higher shopping cart retention rates because there are fewer delays in the final purchase. The two step sign up protects you from claims of spam and ensures you only get sign ups from people who are actually interested in your services. In some states, the two step sign up process is required by law, but it is not yet required at the federal level.

5 Most Common Online Dating Scams: Don’t Be A Victim!


“Don’t be a victim of an online dating scam”

You must use a bit of common sense before you can completely trust a person. More so if you are a user of online dating services; you can’t interact with the people you send your emails personally and so trusting them is more difficult.

Scammers abound in the online sphere and they will take advantage of anyone who they find are gullible enough for them to extort money from. In case you have been a victim of dating service scams, you only have your correspondence with him or her as your evidence. Tracking the culprit down and have him/ her pay for her crimes may even be impossible especially if he/she deletes his/her account as soon as he/she gets the money. Distance is also another thing: if he/she lives thousands of miles from you, expect that your money is good as gone. Dating service scams not only leave you heartbroken, but also down a few thousands from your bank account.
Most scammers target online dating service websites because they know the targets are people who already earn an income or have a lot of money. Some online dating service users even pay for the monthly fee that the website demands in the hopes of finding their potential partner. Scammers will use as many accounts as possible and entice hapless love- seekers to start sending emails to them, which may go on for months, establish a connection and trust, and then start asking money.


“Don’t fall for that trap again”

In 2011 alone, there were 5,600 complaints from online dating service users who were victims of online dating service scams. The amount of money that was gone in that year because of dating service scams was estimated at $50.4 million.
According to trave.state.gov., widows and widowers and those with disabilities are the vulnerable dating service users that scammers target. Scammers know that widows/ widowers have inherited money upon the death of their spouse. Likewise, they will also pose as widows/ widowers themselves. In the US., scammers know that people with disabilities receive disability checks, making them an easier target.
Don’t be a victim of dating service scams. What are the red flags and tell- tale signs that you should observe so you’ll know you’re dealing with a scammer? The following 5 pointers will help you heighten your awareness on the most common ploys scammers do.

Watch out for anything Too Good to be True

Most online scammers will scour different websites and get pictures from other people without their permission. Most often, they will use pictures of people which look like it were just taken out of a magazine or photo shoot. They know that pictures are the first thing that will attract online dating service users, and they know they will have to pick the best and the most good- looking photos to do this. You will notice that in the person’s profile he or she will only post a limited number of pictures. The best thing to do if you find yourself in this situation is to ask for more pictures, make sure that you’ll ask him or her a specific picture (you may ask him or her to post a new picture of him/ her doing his/her hobby). You can firmly ask him/ her to video chat. If he or she declines this demand, then you will be sure that this particular person is a scammer and the next thing to do is delete him/ her from your list.

These scammers can have multiple accounts in other websites as well. So, be aware of that. There are sites like chemistry.com which had its share of controversies in the past (as per some people). You can read the chemistry review here and decide whether chemistry.com is a scam or not.

He/ She Tells a Sob Story


“Sob stories are a way to pull you in for the Con”

If he/ she is sure that you have trusted him/her, he/ she will pull the sob story trick on you. Usually he/ she will tell you that some immediate family member is sick or grievously ill from a disease and he or she will need all the money to help his/ her ailing family member and you’re the only one who can help. Or another plot that could be used is meeting an accident. These stories are usually prompted after a few months of constant communication. If you don’t send the money immediately, he/ she will become more desperate and incessant until you give in.
The stories may have a lot of variations, but the one thing you should watch out for is if your current date will start to ask for money. You may be moved by pity because somehow you may have felt a connection with this person, but you can be sure that behind it is a scammer who is just waiting for you to bite the bait. You can also be sure that if you so send some money, you will never hear from him/ her again or he/she will continue to ask for more money.

You Pay so S/He Flies In

Usually, they tell you that they are eager to meet you, it’s just that they don’t have the money to immediately go back home. When you do send the money, again, there are two possible outcomes: you may never hear from him/ her ever again or he/ she will tell you that an accident came up and he/ she used the money you sent and then begins to ask for more.
This may go on for months until you find yourself already spending thousands from your bank account. Scammers usually exploit the anticipation that their victims are feeling. Early on the time that you have started communicating with each other, you must ask for proof of his/ her work. Or, simply close your wallet.

They Take You Somewhere

Usually the new website will be more personal than the dating service website where the two of you met. Or he/ she will ask you that your messages will continue in personal email, instant messaging or phone calls. The messages will get more intimate and he/ she will start telling you more private details about his/ her life. They may also send you revealing photos of themselves. This is the scammer’s way of gaining your trust. What happens next is he/ she will also ask you to reveal more information about yourself and you send pictures too. The one thing you should never do is to reveal too much information and to also send your share of revealing photos. If you do comply with their request, what scammers do is they are already feeding your information and photos on another website without your knowledge and permission. He/ she will tell you that you will have to send money before he/ she will take your photo down. But the bitter thing is if he/ she will tell you that the money is not enough and you’re not sure when he/ she will do his/ her part of the deal – Classic blackmails.

Vague Messages are Always Dubious


“Fooled by the language?”

Sometimes you may notice that you have started a conversation with someone whose messages are vague and the most of the words are incorrectly spelled. Although there are people who struggle with English and live in another part of the world (because it’s not their second language), you must remain vigilant. The person may come from a country where online scams are rampant. Or their messages are consistent and wrongly addressed to you. Scammers usually just copy and paste the contents of their messages, send them to unsuspecting victims and it’s better to just stop the correspondence right then and there.

If you find yourself that you have been a victim of online dating service scams, report it immediately. Authorities may still be able to help you and put the scammer behind bars, and lessen such type of people and lessen the victims in the online world.

How To Introduce Your Girlfriend To Your Parents

One of the toughest things to do when you’re finally in a serious relationship is introducing your girlfriend to your parental units. It almost always becomes a family affair because it isn’t just your mom and dad that she’ll be meeting; it’s the whole brood as well. That thought alone makes it such a big headache to plan out.

But when it’s time, it’s time. So here are a few tips that you can do to make the much awaited introduction a lot easier for yourself—and a little less stressful for her.

Tell Her What To Expect

It is very important that you tell your girlfriend where you’re going, if it’s a formal affair, what attire to wear, if there’s anything that she needs to bring (i.e. Food, wine, a gift, etcetera), and who else will be there. Make sure there won’t be any surprises (like your most recent ex showing up) as that could ruin the occasion. Tell her everything there is to know about your family, how she can complement and/or impress your mom or dad, how she can join in on family conversations, and what topics to avoid as much as possible.

Tell Your Family About Her Too

Calmly open up the matter of bringing your girlfriend to the affair. Don’t worry about appearing too calm or nonchalant, your parents will make enough fuss for everybody. Haha! Kidding aside, make sure that you tell them about her. Give them a bit of background. What her own family is like, what she looks like, what her interests are, where she lives, works, and how long you’ve been together (if you feel it’s necessary, or if you care enough to answer if somebody asks). It pays to get both parties prepared.

Foreplay Tips for your First Relationship

Foreplay Tips for your First Relationship

Be Courteous

Introduce your girlfriend to your parents using her proper name, and be polite about it. You should let them all know how important this is to you, so applying the proper decency in front of them is necessary.

Help Her Relax And Feel Comfortable

It’s almost impossible for any girlfriend not to be unnerved when it comes to meeting the parents. Unless she’s a famous celebrity, then it might become the other way around. However, if she’s just as ordinary as you and me, then tell her there is nothing much she needs to worry about. Help her relax by taking her hand, and squeezing it occasionally. Smile at her encouragingly whenever your mom or dad asks her something. Assure her that while she may feel the need to impress them, there is no need to act differently.

Get the Seal of Approval from Your Girlfriend’s Family

Get the Seal of Approval from Your Girlfriend’s Family

Get them to warm up towards each other by swapping stories, sharing jokes, showing her old family photos, etcetera. Once you get to this part, and everybody’s still in high spirits, you know you did well. Now it’s time to have fun!

3 Innovative Ways Of Using Of Your Ipad

So you use your iPad for the conventional reasons i.e. taking notes in meetings, reading books on kindle and even taking pictures. At some point you are bound to get bored with this device but this should not be the case since the iPad is capable of more than just the above uses. The iPad is one of the most compact creative devices ever made my Apple inc. and there should be no reason as to why you should not enjoy the device to its optimal.

Check out the following three most innovative ways of using your iPad;

i) Control, everything in your home using your iPad

It is possible to control what goes on in your home using your iPad. Once you get the appropriate devices that you pair to your iPad, it is possible to control things like temperature, lighting and even security locking from the comfort of your iPad. What happens for example for temperature control, one gets a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi and an iPad application. When you connect the application to your iPad, you will be able to control the temperature in your home regardless of your location. It will be possible to switch from warm to cool temperatures, all from the comfort of your iPad device provided one gets this application.

In order for you to control the security locking system in your house, you will be required to get a locking application known as Lockitron which will then be fed into your iPad software. This automatically enables you to control your door locking system form whichever location as well as trigger an alarm system when your home is being invaded. All this at the comfort of your iPad.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64Gb

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64Gb

ii) Turn your iPad into an entertainment system

You can install your iPad in your car and have it act as an entertainment system. This enables you to have a much clearer and bigger monitor to watch movies while stuck in traffic. It also acts as a very good music system since it allows you to have thousands of your own personal playlist and be able to play them in your vehicle.

The Dj’s have also benefitted immensely in this front as they have transformed their iPads into devices that enable them mix and play their selections effectively in the clubs. Once the iPad is connected to the turntable, the Dj is able to choose from a wide selection of playlists saved on the iPad and be able to deliver a memorable performance.

The most creative use of the iPad for entertainment purposes has to be the use of the magic piano application which when installed on the iPad enables the user to play a variety of sets without necessarily using the piano. Since the piano keyboard is already installed on the iPad surface, just switch on the iPad and key away to your musical set.

The iPad surface

The iPad surface

iii) As a kitchen tablet

Are you tired of the numerous cookbooks that are lying around in your kitchen with all kinds of food stains? Well, worry not since the iPad is sure to change this state of affairs. All you have to do is find a smooth dry spot where you will mount your iPad securely in the kitchen so that you can access it easily. Then, download all the recipes that you need online and store them on your iPad’s memory and simply access them when you are making a meal. How simple and clutter free is this? The best thing is that you don’t need to keep on buying recipe books whenever a new recipe comes out. Simply download it from your iPad and go on ahead to make your fancy meals.

So go on and realize your iPad’s true potential today.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Kids Active

Do you notice anything different with kids these days? They seem less interested with the very idea of being active. Some of them prefer the company of their laptops, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, what have you. Sure, it wouldn’t be too hard to get your toddlers to spend time on the playground. These are the years when there is nothing they would rather be in.

However, things can change the moment they start getting older. What you thought to be just another trip down the soccer field for practice can turn into a major fight because your child no longer wants to participate. Similar situations like this might happen to you, but you can’t simply bow down to your child’s wishes. It is your job to make sure they are on the right track. So in case guilt starts to kick in, perhaps you need some reminding yourself. Below are some of the best things your kids can get just by staying active.

Gives Your Child A Sound Mind And Body

It’s bad enough that a lot of parents out there feed their children with junk because they don’t have enough time to manage the weekly menu. They resort to eating out, bringing home greasy take away food for dinner, or worse, giving them money to eat whatever they want. We all know it’s not healthy. But if our schedule hardly permits us to spend more time with our families, it means new rules have to be established. Think of activities you could do with them during your free time, especially on the weekends.

Autism a challenge to keeping my child active

Autism a challenge to keeping my child active

Make it a point you feed them healthy dishes whenever you have the time to cook. Be mindful of your grocery list. Sports and exercise energize, and it keeps bodies lean and minds sharp. By encouraging them to do a bit of exercise even when you’re gone, you make sure they are in shape to keep the body in good circulation.

It Keeps Obesity At Bay

Kids who are active are much more in shape, compared to the ones who have free-flowing carbs, sweets, and chips at their disposal. While you may think it’s nice to always stock your refrigerator so your kids will have “something to eat” whenever they feel like it; that could just encourage them to make repeated trips to and from the kitchen even in the middle of the night. And honestly, if that’s all the exercise they’re getting—you have a lot of serious planning to do. There are more obese children in the US compared to other countries in the world. Don’t let your child be one of them.

Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids

Serotonin is what we call the happy hormone, and it is being released in the body only when you exercise. When kids stay active, Serotonin is being produced, keeping their spirits and moods up. That means lesser tantrums, and lesser time arguing over the most trivial things. They have bigger appetites, and aren’t too picky with their food either. They perform better in school, are friendlier, and make better decisions.

More ideas to get your kids active outdoors

More ideas to get your kids active outdoors

These are just some of the benefits when promoting an active lifestyle with your kids. Not only will it serve them well as they get older, it’s also going to open up great possibilities for them. Invest in your kids’ health today and you’ll love its effects later on in life.

Bad Credit Overhaul

Having a horrible credit usually mars you credit reputation. This weighs you down from easily applying for loans and credit cards (which usually won’t take long). Nevertheless, do not stress on it because there are surely ways on how to get away with a bad credit. Apart from that, you are not alone because there are a million other Americans who also suffer from credit blemishes. Credit fixes may not be quick as promised by some agencies but don’t you worry, you’ll be able to revamp a once bad credit to good.

There are several reasons why you need to repair a bad credit. First up, when you have a good credit, applying for loans and credit cards comes nifty. You also get to have lower loan interests with a good credit. Fixing a bad credit isn’t really that difficult, you just have to persevere to once more achieve a good credit record.

Improve Your Earnings

The very basic thing you need to do so as to fix a bad credit is to raise your income. You’ll only be able to do it by finding other sources of income such as doing sideline jobs. Raising your income is necessary because the credit bureau will have to check your income to determine your credit score. A higher credit score would mean that you are more capable of paying mortgages and loans. Having bigger income, however, does not mean that you can now live lavishly. Still try to live within your means. Instead, use the extra money you have to pay for your credit card.

Credit cards

Credit cards

Snow Ball Principle

The snow ball principle involves paying your debt starting from the smallest ones. When you’re done with the smallest, you can proceed paying for the next smallest debt until you’ll be able to completely pay all of your debts. This can be considered an effective way of restoring a bad credit to a good one.

Keep Track of Due Dates

Another major reason for having a bad credit is missed payment. Thence, it is very important that you take note of due dates so that you won’t miss a payment. Missing a payment could lead to a series of unwanted consequences such as penalty fees and increased interest rates. So, whenever possible pay your loans on time.

Bad credit loans

Bad credit loans

Also, try to do away with unnecessary debts. Mortgage companies and banks usually check your background before you will be approved of any loans. Remember that an additional debt would have a negative repercussion on your credit score. Deliberately decide on the things that you’re spending for so that you’ll be able to veer away from unnecessary debts. These are just some of the many fixes for a bad credit.

How to Identify and Get Rid of Negativity in your Life

Negativity is a setback you have to be aware off. Every person has this in them and you are not an exception. Just like everything in life, negative and positive pulls of your personality should balance out and if negativity gets the bulk of this, you have to turn it around as negativity can really get the fun out of life. But how can you know you are being negative? And if you are, how are you going to get rid of it?

How to recognize if you are being negative?

You can only recognize negativity in you if you truly know what it means. You might think that negative is something that is bad and that you have to get rid out it. This is not so. It is not an object or just plain emotion. Negativity is a current, a flow or a direction. It is not a perception in which you use to judge of something is good or bad.

Say for example you have a ‘bad’ experience in your spelling quiz. Now, you might see this bad feeling as negative and connect it with your experience in a spelling quiz. Would this mean you avoid taking quiz or spell because it has a negative effect on you?

Negative is not something that you don’t like or something that you should avoid. At times, things that you don’t like are even positive for you. This just point out that negativity is not things or experience that you don’t like, it is a direction of your thoughts and emotions where left uncheck can really result to being unproductive.

You are being negative if you don’t recognize this direction of your thoughts as such. Like if there are proposals on how to achieve a goal and instead of thinking its possibilities, you think why not. Another trite but true analogy, if you see a cup half empty than half full then you are being negative and you have to address it now. You have to heal your negativity and balance it out with positivity.

Nixing Negativity to Positively Improve Your Life

Nixing Negativity to Positively Improve Your Life

How to heal negativity?

Again, negativity is not something you rid of as it is a part of you and is useful to determine risks in life. However, too much of it can really seep the life out of you. That is why you have to balance things out. Here are some things you can do to start a healing process.

  1. See negativity as a smoking gun. It warns you of ill emotions and nothing more. Instead of dwelling on it, recognize it as it is, a smoking gun and nothing more.

  2. Identify what made it go off. You have to know the source of your negativity.

  3. Once you see where these ill emotion came from, start healing it. The only way to heal negativity is to dose it with positivity.

It’s important to focus on the positive things in life

It’s important to focus on the positive things in life

Again, it is easier said than done. Healing is a process and you have to give yourself time to get use with the thought of easing your negative side. Let your mind and heart be opened to positive things in life. Let your friends and family help you on this and learn from positive people.