Burundi: Political Crisis and Escape of Refugees

Burundi is also suffering from a political crisis. Burundi’s is one of the corrupt nations in the world that we have to make sure of all the things that we have to make sure of all the things that we have to make sure of all the things. The residents and the locals are so tired of the governance in their region. Never mind politics, just escape from it. Perhaps, people thought of this and thousands of refugees flew to neighboring countries. 

There are 27, 000 who escape to Rwanda, 70,000 to Tanzania and 9, 000 to Republic of Congo, a total of 103, 000 refugees escaped. Burundians wanted to find a new life and new hope for survival. Other nations too have the same hunger punishment but at least they are going to escape the political crisis they have been sick of. These refugees were taken to UN refugee camp where they will be able to take new step towards life. In Burundi, only rich and political powerful people fill their stomach neglecting the people to eat.

Men and women have both sufferings so they only hope for how they can move out from their country. Of course, there are new worlds out there to explore. The problem is that they are discriminated among people. They too have the right to do the same thing as others are doing. Discrimination should be abolished among people. Even among Africans, there is discrimination which is a hindrance to growth. It is nobility to accept each other as part of the society.