Burundi’s on the Top in the List of Most Affected by Hunger

What is the country most affected by hunger in the world? It is actually Burundi, a country in West Africa, prone to inadequacy of food and water. Truly, this country can not escape this hardship. Mot countries in Africa suffers the same case but Burundi is the worst among the records of history. The countries in Africa that could overcome hunger are Ghana, Cape Town, Egypt an others. The most important thing to say about Burundians are crying for help.

However, politics is very strict and cruel in the country. This means that there is not much freedom of people to voice out what they need. There are rich African people, many but not not yet enough to help other people. In fact, tribal war is always rising there. So they can not help each other by themselves. In order to get food, they steal each other’s. In order to survive, they can kill. This is how desperate people are. Surely there are the same people around the world.

The point is that they are forced to do it, choosing on their own survival, given that life is too hard to carry on. One thing that can not be forgotten is that even children at a very young age are dragged to work. For third world countries, this kind is very natural. However, in Africa, almost all of children are forced to child labor. With their society like this, they do not grumble that kids undergo such hardship because they already know that it is the better way for survival.