Pregnancy and Giving Birth in Burundi, Africa

Pregnancy is not easy all over the world. Pregnancy should be monitored every month for the safety assurance of the baby inside the womb. Regular check-ups should be conducted once a woman a woman is pregnant. However, Burundian women, not all but most of them hardly carry on regular check-ups. Women are so sensitive during their pregnancy that they have to take good care of their health when bearing a child. When women are pregnant, they become weak, giving life to the baby inside the womb through their flesh and blood.

However, in Burundi and in Africa, women could not afford to go there. They become pregnant but they can not enjoy visiting hospitals for a regular check up during pregnancy because of lack of financial support. Women are suppose to go to hospital more than 4 times but only 33% of women in Burundi can do it.

Another is that Burundian women are deprived from eating fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods for the baby’s nutrients. This is because life in Africa is too hard that they could not even eat well three times a day.

Most mothers are malnourished that results to malnourished new born baby. They could drink a lot of clean water instead of eating. However, even water is not affordable there. Too much is hardship in Africa that some Africans could not bear it. Women can’t even afford to bathe with clean water. Women, though in their pregnancy months, work so hard carrying heavy loads in order to survive. As a result of all these circumstances, 67 babies out of 1000 die at birth. If not, they can live for less than a year.